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Refill Ink For Documentation Stamps and Impression Inkers

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Handheld/Desk Virginia Notary Embossing Seal

The Seal Impression for this embosser is 1 5/8" x 1 5/8"

This product works both as a hand-held or a desk embosser!

This is hands-down the best Embossing Seal on the market! This product has been so impressive that we decided to stop selling all other hand-held embossers. It is easy to squeeze, it can also be placed onto a desk or work area and used just like a desk-embosser. It leaves the best impression possible and is rugged and easy to carry if you're a Notary on the go! Don't forget to add an Impression Inker to your order so you have the ability to darken the embossed image that your seal makes.

This ink works for any of our Documentation Stamps or Impression Inkers! Don't run out of ink! Purchase a re-fill kit to ensure many years of stamping! This will ensure that your stamp lasts longer than your commission! Don't get caught with a dry stamp! This ink does not work for Round or Rectangular Notary Stamps.