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Round Slim™ Virginia Notary Stamp

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Leave blank if you do not want your commission expiration date included on your stamp.
You are still required by law to write the expiration date in if it is not on the stamp.
This ink works on all Notary VA Stamps.
(Affidavit, Acknowledgment, or True & Exact Stamp)
2" x 8", One Line, Reads "Notary Public," Non-Customizable.
For Customizable Options, Check Out Our 2" x 10" Nameplates!
Display your Notary Public nameplate on your wall or desk.
Meets the Requirements of all 50 States.

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Ink color options are listed below the name of this product at the top of the page. This Stamp comes pre-inked.

This is a great stamp that leaves a fantastic impression!

The Slim™ stamp product line produces quality stamps that leave great impressions.

The Impression Size For This Stamp Is .75" x 2.5"

This stamp is designed to be compact and easy to travel with for the Notary on the go! Simply remove the bottom snap cover and stamp your heart out! This stamp is good for thousands of impressions. Make sure to purchase a refill ink kit so you never have to worry about running out!