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Small MaxLight™ Signature Stamp

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Make sure to use a bold black pen or marker.
This ink works for any of our Documentation Stamps or Impression Inkers! This ink does not work for Round or Rectangular Notary Stamps.
Be sure to add your Full Name, Notary Number, & Commission Expiration Date if you choose a Stamp!
This ink works for any of our Pre-Inked Notary Stamps! This ink does not work for Documentation Stamps.
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The Impression Size For This Stamp Is 5/8" x 2 7/16"

The ideal size for those "petite little signatures".

Actual Size: 
small signature stamp: actual size

Are you tired of signing your name over and over? We understand the hassle and hand-cramping that can be involved with so a stack of paperwork. This product is designed to save you the hassle and potential influx of carpel tunnel! It is easy to use and can make paper-work/check signing a breeze! Our Maxlight Signature Stamps always leave a nice impression!