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Vector Design

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You can upload a photo of your current business card or even a sketch and we will match it as closely as possible.
If you don't have a vector or even a drawing, a simple description will do. We can make whatever you dream a reality. Please be as specific as possible.

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Vectors are a special type of file that we need in order to accurately engrave your business cards, yeti tumblers, or other products with your logo or design.

The cost to turn your sketch, jpeg, or description into a vector design that can be used for etching is $39 for each design. Please add this item to your cart if you need us to create a vector for you.
If you can provide vector-based artwork yourself, please upload it on the product ordering page for free!
If you can't supply vector artwork and you only have a jpeg or a description of what you want laser etched, please upload a docfile, jpeg, or sketch here.